Working of the Chemineer Agitators: General Understanding

Encompassing the bottom, top, and side entering units, the Chemineer agitators have a plethora of applications in the industry that ranges from small pilot scale to large production units. The agitators can be easily mounted on the clamp attached to the tank side, beams/channels, or even on the flange mounted to the vessel with numerous sealing options. Including direct drive, air driven design, and right angle with parallel shaft units, there is a myriad of products that features a high-efficiency gearbox for the agitator service. For blending viscous fluids, in-tank uniformity, and heat transfer in jacketed vessels, agitators help in providing you with the satisfactory results.

The industrial agitators are used mainly in the industries that process food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and chemical products. The Chemineer agitators helps in mixing liquids smoothly, aids in promoting the chemical reaction of the substances, as well as increasing the heat transfer. The heterogeneous mass is moved inside the impeller in pursuance of achieving the agitation. The main aim of the operation is to make a smooth blend and the bulk is usually composed of a variety of substances and the agitators help in enhancing the efficiency of a reaction by providing a contact medium between the reactive products.

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